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Yoga Is A Way to Be

Week of 7/28/2019. This week's theme: Svadhyaya, or "self study." A quote from Kimberly Puryear from Asheville Yoga Center, "Yoga is a way to be, not a thing to do." Yoga is a practice which not only works on the outside of our physical being, but also works on the inside of our being as well. Many beginners speak of leaving a yoga class and feeling "lighter." Did they lose weight in class? It's not logical to surmise that any physical weight was lost that quickly, but there can be a sense of "letting it go." In short (very short!) the Pancha Maya Kosha model (for a link for a summary click here ,) tells us that yoga transforms our physical body, energy body, mental-emotional body, the wisdom or higher-mind body, and the bliss or 'heart' body. These are not separate, but blend and influence each other. Yoga addresses and can heal the whole person. I have witnessed this in my personal life, and I can see it in my fellow yogis in class. This is not to say that yoga is a religion, nor does it replace religion, but it can help us to clear the pathway from obstacles which are blocking from being our best spiritual being, our best mental being, our best physical being, and our best emotional being. This happens gradually and gently over time as we are ready for each new adventure. We are a yoga community which travels with each other to give encouragement, support, and usually a good smile or two as each of us embarks on this journey back to ourselves.

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Karen Windham
Karen Windham
08 Σεπ 2019

Such true thoughts on this concept. I also think that the individual has to be ready to accept and understand what "letting go" actually mean. Many times our ego talks more than we like! Yoga is a way of life for the mind. I love your writing; it speaks to me ; you are awesome in your thoughts and are able to put into words what many of us feel. Thank you.

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