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Christmas Season Guided Meditation

Christmas Guided Meditation

(This meditation will be shared at the Hickory Foundation YMCA Teen Center in Hickory, NC Wednesday, December 13th, 2023 during a gentle practice of yoga from 6pm-7:15pm. The practice is donation-based and is open to members and non-members of the YMCA. Come join us settling into the spirit.)

As we get settled please double-check to make sure all electronic devices are made silent…any phones, watches, etc.

Make yourself 100% comfortable. Move and snuggle around, use blankets, blocks, put your socks back on, a jacket…whatever you need to be able to relax where you are. That said, if you become uncomfortable during this meditation, feel free to adjust so that you are comfortable again.

Begin to release. Release the practice. Release any judgments about the practice, or thoughts of performance or comparison. During this time of year, it’s easy to keep the mind on overdrive, and our minds might reset to that in stillness, but let those thoughts go, and let them go again, and again…as many times as needed to help clear the mind and focus on the present moment. In this moment there is nothing that needs to be done right now, and there is no place needed to be right now except here. Be. Here. If the mind resists quietness after several attempts, give it something to do such as saying to yourself “I am inhaling. I am exhaling,” or a slow body scan.

(Wait several moments here while people settle. Give time for people to find quietness.)

Notice the surface underneath the body. Feel its support, let it cradle you in your stillness. On the exhales, release a little more. See how heavy you can make the body. Deeply release. Thoughts will come. Let them go. Return again and again to this moment. Empty any tension in the body or mind.

Sometimes the busy-ness of this time of year can be a distraction from the spirit realm. It might be more of a challenge to set time aside for yourself to be still, be quiet. Right now…this time…is a gift you’ve given yourself to tap into a higher consciousness, to let go of worldly cares, and rest into the spirit of the season.

Begin with noticing the bottoms of your feet. Those poor feet which get a real workout this time of year. Give them some needed attention, and thank them for their service. Now imagine a light at the bottom of the feet. It’s soft, but powerful. Now begin to draw in that light through the feet. It’s a healing light. Let it travel through the feet, easing any tiredness or pain. Draw the light in to completely fill the bottoms, sides and tops of the feet. Keep drawing the light in and let it move up through the ankles, the shins, the knees. The legs are emptying of any negativity, and filling with this warm, comforting light. Keep drawing in the light up to the hips. Let it fill your pelvic belly, the glutes and the waist. Let the bottom half of the body fill with light, lightness, and ease.

(Pause for a few moments.)

Now notice the palms of your hands. Notice if they are clenched or tight in any way, and relax them to a natural curl of the fingers. Imagine the powerful, but soft light being drawn in through the palms of the hands. Let it melt away any grasping or holding. Sigh as you let go. (pause) Draw in the light through the hands up through the wrists, the forearms and elbows, healing as it goes. Let the light fill any emptiness as it travels through the body. Draw the light in, and allow it to move up the arms, through the shoulders, and let the arms be completely relaxed, connected to the earth. Let the arms be held by the light.

Notice your belly. Maybe it’s experienced a different diet as of late, or different amounts of food. Draw in the light through the navel and let the light bring the belly to a relaxed state. Let the belly be wide and receptive. Let the digestive organs relax and be brought back to balance, ease.

Let the light travel through the rest of the internal organs as it melts away any tension or dis-ease. Now let the light surround the front, back and sides of the heart. How the heartstrings are pulled this time of year! Let negativity be melted away now. If the heart doesn’t want to let go, don’t force it. Imagine holding the heart in your arms, cradle it, calm it, comfort it. Let it know that everything is okay in this moment. As the light surrounds the heart, let it fill the heart with warmth and love. Let this warmth and light travel through the spine, and then spread to the wideness of the back and shoulders…healing…releasing any holding or tension. Take a few moments to rest in this peaceful, healing glow of energy in the body.

(Silence for a few moments.)

Now focus on the top of the head, the hairline, and then the mind. Even if we have to refocus 100 times, that’s 100 opportunities for the brain to rewire itself toward calm. To be calm, to call on calm when we need it, we have to practice calm. Imagine this glowing light of calm surrounding the mind, making its way through and melting away any to-do lists, or feelings of urgency. Be. Be here. Be in this moment. Be present. Allow the calming light to move through the eyes, the nose, the corners of the mouth. Let the mouth be filled with positive light, and be silent. Enjoy the silence in the mouth, the throat, and let go of any words. Any busy-ness is replaced with a calm acceptance, a feeling of love, a feeling of being embraced. Let out a sigh as you rest in this peacefulness.

Know that you are loving. Know that you are lovable. Know that you are loved. The entire universe has conspired to bring you in here, in this moment, to hear this message. If you find yourself in darkness, know that this light is in you always, and it may be you that shares the light with others just by your being. Let your whole self shine. Keep this light shining with moments of acceptance, with moments of quiet, with moments of stillness.

Take this light with you, and know that nothing that is in or of this world can snuff out this light now or ever. Rest in peace. Rest in light.

May we all be hopeful. May we all be healthy. May we all find and share joy. May we all be in and share our light.

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