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Weight of the World

6/1/2019 This week's theme: Shoulders and arms. Moving slightly up the body from the heart and thoracic of last week's focus, this week's target is an area of the body which receives a lot of requests for relief from yogis from all types of backgrounds. The shoulders pick up a lot of stress from weakened areas in other parts of the body.

Tension headache? Blurred vision? Achy neck? These could all possibly be from the shoulders bearing the weight of weak back muscles, or overstretched/rounded shoulders (due to slumping forward from being on your computer, lifting heavy objects at work, bending over clients all day, etc.) Also, more metaphysically, pain in the shoulders could be caused by being overburdened or heavy responsibilities without feeling supported.

Here is more information about the physical pain in more technical terms as it relates to specific muscles of the body.…/3-poses-for-neck-and-should….

So this week we are strengthening our shoulders and arms, as well as doing a "check in" of our spiritual selves to see if we may be out of balance with responsibilities and burdens. We're strengthening our physical ability to carry our luggage, as well as metaphysically learning to perhaps not pick up so much of it in the first place, or perhaps seek out supportive resources! See you there!

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