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The Gift of Now

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Week of 1/12/2020-1/19/2020. Intention: Throat Chakra, Breath. As we're preparing our bodies and minds through our practice to be calm enough to hear the whispers, words, or wails of our destiny calling to us, it is our breath which brings us to the Now. Our minds may wander off-task, replaying scenes from the past to try to make sense of unsettled emotions, or venture to the future to plan strategies of imagined control. Our bodies may call to us to pay attention to a neglected ailment, a pang of hunger, or the sensation of stiffness from an underused joint or muscle, but it is the powerful breath which brings us to this moment. We cannot breathe into the past, nor can we breathe into the future. Our breath is the first element we bring into our bodies as we gasp into life, and it is the last thing to leave as we let go. It is the breath which is the power behind speaking out loud, and it is the breath which sighs quietly as we release into serenity. We cannot hope to be worthy of breath, as each of us pulls in life, none greater than the other. Such is God's love, it is as easy as the breath. We cannot strive to be worthy, as we each are already receiving that which was ready for us before we were born. Take it in, drink it in, taste it in sips, and in great, fulfilling gulps. It's ours, right now. We are already worthy, we are already loved, and we can breathe in knowing we can never falter out of the gift of now.

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