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Traveling Lightly

Week of 9/22/2019 Intention for the week: Transitioning Lightly. As we move into the season of autumn, if we live in a temperate zone, the trees remind us how beautiful it can be to move from one season to another. In our lives, sometimes we choose to move into a different phase of our lives, and sometimes these changes are involuntarily brought upon us. The color changes in leaves is caused by the trees sensing the change in temperature. Knowing that the pumping of chlorophyll into the leaves, which gives them their green color, will be too difficult in the colder weather, the trees pull back and close off the ends of the stems, saving what cholorophyll is left and storing it deep into the tree for the next season. The chlorophyll left in the leaves then breaks down, allowing the other pigments in the leaves to shine through. Using the trees as inspiration, as we head into the next season, are there any matters we might let go of before we begin to move into our "next phase?" Letting go of some things may feel painful, or strange as we move into our "new normal," but we might find in letting go that there are previously hidden parts of ourselves which are allowed to shine through. For a lovely meditation about letting go and seasonal changes, here is an article by Tris Thorp from The Chopra Center's website .

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