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Spring Cleaning

Here in the Northern Hemisphere of this great big world, it's time when the cold melts away to warm breezes and frozen ground begins to loosen and allow blooming flowers to poke through from their winter slumber. As we begin to have longer days and move around more, we might notice a sedentary feeling beginning to lift, and crave to start to do things to make us feel "lighter." This might include physically cleaning our dwelling, and it might also include wanting to "clear" our minds, bodies and spirits.

What a perfect tool yoga is for this "spring cleaning." Especially this spring, after such a heavy-laden, COVID=filled year, we may feel heavier than usual. If we've been inactive possibly from feelings of depression, self-preservation, or 100 other reasons, we may hesitate to start the bigger task of beginning to lighten our load. But remember, yoga doesn't care. Yoga always starts us where we are. Yoga doesn't judge.

Remember also that the initial purpose for yoga was to meditate and clear our minds so that we could hear God's calling for our Divine Destiny. Only in the last few hundred years did yoga become a physical practice of poses with mindful breath to help calm the body, mind and spirit for the purpose of deepening our meditation practice.

So, let's be kind to ourselves. Take it at our own pace. Looking at the whole big picture of where we want to be can seem daunting. So take a moment, let go of our expectations, and just start where we are. Do what we can. Thaw our reluctant mindsets, and just begin to bloom where we are planted.

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2 Kommentare

Cynthia Haas
Cynthia Haas
22. März 2021

Thank you, Karen! You always say the nicest things!

Gefällt mir

Karen Windham
Karen Windham
11. März 2021

So glad you are back giving us wisdom and thoughts to ponder....

Gefällt mir
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