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Preparing for Peace

Weeks of 12/1 and 12/8/2019 Intention: Aparigraha (ah-pare-EE-grah-HA) or non-hoarding, non-attachment. As we are surrounded by consumerism and its quintessential peak here during the holiday season, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the messages of "Buy more," "We know you have this thing, but now it comes with this other, cooler little part to it that's NEW and you NEED it," and "You will be LOVED so much more if you give this, do this, attend this, etc." We do not have the control over all of this, but only have access to our response to it. Yoga discipline offers the yama practice of aparigraha to balance the tug of war which might be going on in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. The practice of aparigraha invites us to simplify, let go, be still, and listen to the silence begging for our attention. By continuing our yoga postures, breathing, and meditations during the holidays we are essentially creating space and peace in the center of our soul. If we look closely at the story of the Christ child coming to earth, isn't that what the background of the story is about? Taking time to still our bodies and our minds will leave space to prepare for the peace which arrived with love, simplicity, and humble adoration. If we are celebrating other holidays during this season, upon quiet reflection we will find that those celebrations, too, have unity, faith, prayer, and love at their center. So perhaps rather than adding on "one more thing" this season, I invite you to celebrate by taking "one more moment" to create space for more light here on the earth, spreading peace from the inside out.

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