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Paying Attention to Our Intention


This week’s theme: Intention. Why do we come to class? We may come for physical reasons such as building strength, increasing agility, improving our balance, weight loss, decreasing the effects of stress on the body, and that list goes on and on. These are wonderful reasons to come to class, but if results are our focus, we may plateau which might lead to loss of interest or even discouragement. When our bodies have natural fluctuations, we may get frustrated and feel that we are no longer making progress, or may feel that we are losing our progress. If we can focus on how we feel both in practice and after, our experience becomes more integrated into our minds, bodies, and spirits. I have been teaching 14 years, and I have yet to have a student say, “I regret coming to class.” More often I hear, “I am so glad I came. I feel so much better.” So perhaps this week, if you choose to do so, have the intention be soaking up the positive feelings we gain in our yoga practice in our bodies, minds, and spirits both on the mat, and as we move through our everyday lives.

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