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Our feet, ankles and legs work hard for us day in and day out. They bear the weight of our bodies constantly shifting, and help us keep our balance by providing vital feedback about the surfaces we are navigating as we go through our day. At times, in different types of activities which are harder on the joints in the feet and ankles such as running or dancing, sprains are common as we overuse the joints without really taking time to strengthen or lengthen them. Even having a job in which we are on our feet most of the day can put added pressure on the feet and ankles.

“Certain asanas (yoga poses) can prevent sprains, because they develop strength and flexibility equally around the ankles. Yoga also increases one's sense of joint position. The better one's proprioception (knowing where /how the body is in space,) the easier it is for the body to make minor adjustments in balance to keep upright. And the more flexible the joint is, the better it can make the necessary adjustments. “From “Yoga Journal”

This week’s focus will be on the feet and ankles...a little “giving back” of tender, loving, care to the parts of our body we often take for granted!

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