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Memorial and Honor

5/25/2019 Theme this week: Open heart; gratitude. With Memorial Day approaching, gratitude to others lies at the heart of the holiday. On Memorial Day in the US, we specifically honor those we have lost in military service to our country. When we've lost someone close to us through military service or in other ways, at first we may just stare wide-eyed at the gaping hole left in our hearts and lives. It is difficult to be grateful when we are hurting or are depressed. Sometimes we may not feel anything at all, and at other times we may feel so deeply we have to remind ourselves to breathe in, and then breathe out. We may harden our hearts to protect ourselves as the rest of the world, it seems, goes on. On Memorial Day, especially, the cookouts, fireworks and flying flags seem out of sync with the heaviness that comes with deep grief. If we are able, in meditation, let us take a few moments to find a gift, or many gifts, which were given to us by those we have lost. Review the day from the time we opened our eyes to the time of this moment and acknowledge any gifts we've received from those we may have known, and from those whom we have not known. In our reflection, may we honor those we've lost with our gratitude and open hearts. "We may not know them all, but we owe them all."

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