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Meditation as Medication

Week of 8/4/2019 This week's theme: Meditation. Why do we begin each yoga session with meditation? Meditation helps us to arrive for class fully present and minimizes what many call the "monkey mind," or the mind that jumps from one thing to another without focus. I like to think of volume buttons on a stereo or radio. We are turning down the volume on outside distractions, and turning up the volume on listening to our intuition, our breath, and the beauty of silence. Our meditation is the beginning of our healing from the inside out. It is the beginning of disciplining our mind and our thoughts. As we practice meditation and silence, we may begin to see that we can take that skill off of our mats, and apply it to navigating what can be a complicated barrage on our brains, emotions, and physical energy. Many of our body systems react positively to meditation, and it can be a medication which has no harmful side effects and is completely free of charge! (For more information, here is a short list of benefits, and a reference to a book on the subject of meditation as medication .)

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