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Laws of Attraction

Week of 8/19/2019 Intention of the week: Satya as Authenticity. This week, again, in yoga training, I was inspired by a verbal exchange between an instructor and student. The student was having difficulty remembering certain material to use in her class, and it just didn't seem to "stick," no matter what she tried. The instructor just simply said, "So don't use that in your class. If you are forcing it, then it's not authentically you. Students who are not looking for that will be drawn to your class, and students who are will migrate to someone who has that in their class." I was struck by the simple and yet complicated nature of the answer. The answer was simple: Be authentic to yourself. In this way, we will draw the people to us who are meant to be on our path...our teachers, our friends, our students, our lessons. I breathed an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual sigh of relief at the instructor's words. Quit trying so freakin' hard. Just be. The rest will come.

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