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Interdependence Days: Week Three, Always Connected with Community

Intention: Awareness of interconnectedness with our community.

Picture one of your favorite foods in your mind. With the imagination of your senses, reflect how it smells, tastes, and feels. Go a little more deeply in your reflection to reverse the journey of how this food found its place in front of you. Was it a combination of ingredients put together, or was it a fresh food from your garden? At any point was a store involved? If a store was involved, how did it get to the store? How did you get to the store? Were roads used? A vehicle? Fuel? If it was from your garden, how did your plant get water? Were tools used to plant the garden? Today's connection is being aware of all of the people in your community locally and worldwide with whom we are dependent for living our lives daily. This meditation can be done with any object in our homes or our neighborhoods. The energy of giving and service is in each object with which we interact daily. At the end of the meditation you are invited to give up gratitude and prayer for all who joined in the gift which is before you. Add one more prayer for yourself, and the service you offer up each day for those whom you may never meet, but serve through your daily actions.

For more information about how yoga increases feelings of connection, click this link:

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