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Interdependence Days: Week Four, Our Body Connection

Intention: Awareness of interconnection in and outside ourselves

One often stops taking for granted the amazing operating capacity of the body only after one of its "parts" doesn't work like it used to. It can be terrifying and amazing all at the same time. In our education journey, we often learn the parts and functions of different systems of the body as if they were all separate, each with its own job. We learn that parts of the brain control different functions of the body. We learn the different senses, and how each helps us to interpret the world around us. The reality, if we are lucky enough to find out, is that these are only half-truths. The systems of the body all rely on each other, and change in one area is likely to have a ripple effect on much of the rest of the body, if not all. We usually find this after an injury. And isn't this the same truth which is played out in our relationships and other things we take for granted? We only find out all that a person brought to our lives after a separation or loss. We notice clean water coming out of our taps only when there is a break in the delivery system and it's no longer running. Through our yoga practice we learn to "notice" and meditate on interconnection. As we move our bodies and feel how the parts of the body work together, we are bringing awareness and gratitude for these working relationships, and can then bring awareness and a connection outside of our selves to our loved ones, our community, and all the different "systems" in which we are a part. We can then see that even in our individuality, our actions have purpose and meaning. Our healing can ripple into healing outside of ourselves. Our being awake can bring awareness to others. Our moments of peace can begin the work of bringing serenity to all.

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