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Interdependence Days: Week Five, Our Spiritual Connection

Intention: The ultimate purpose of yoga is to quieten our minds and bodies to be able to hear our higher calling more clearly, and discern the purpose of our being.

One of my favorites sayings is ," If you feel far away from God, guess who moved." When life takes more effort to get through each day, it's easy to let go of your quiet time and look at it as "optional." Who has time to sit and meditate for 30 minutes? We let ourselves think that our physical practice is at the bottom of our "to do" list. However, it is being in touch with the quiet, in-the-moment presence that allows our healing, nurturing, and resilience. So perhaps let go of the picture of meditation in your head. Need 30 minutes? Nope. Need to have quiet outside of ourselves? Nope again. Need to be in a seated position? You guess it, it's not required. If your life is hectic, is out of balance with self-nurturing quiet, or is, as our Southern friends like to call it, "A mess (pronounced 'may-uss',") you only need to tap into your inner well of being at your center in any amount . You will find your spirit drinking it in, in sips or big gulps, but taking it in, and healing you from the inside out. This is where pranayama can work like magic. Change the breath, and change your thought patterns. Try letting go of your stressful situations for only a breath, or two or three...whatever you need in the moment. Perhaps breathe in, relaxing your belly , and inhale as big a breath as you can muster, but before releasing take a few more sips of breath in, then let it all out in a big sigh. Imagine breathing away the cause of your stress. Do this as many times as needed, and when the brain reacts and begins to calm, just imagine that well of strength and resilience you have inside of you at your center getting bigger, or "filled up." This part of you is always there, no matter where you are physically, emotionally or mentally. It is the ultimate friend you can depend on. It is reaching out to God, and taking Their hand, and letting Someone Else be in charge, and trusting that we are being led to our Divine Destiny in everything we do. Let go, and let God.

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