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Hooked On a Feeling

Week of 10/13/2019 Intention for the week: Embracing Impermanence. One of the gifts that recovery brought to me (Codependents Anonymous) was "Take what you want, and leave the rest." This handy little tool has allowed me to walk away with nuggets of wisdom from just about anything, even if I don't relate to 99% of it. So it was with a yin yoga video this week. Nic Luce, on, was discussing a piece of artwork when he began speaking of impermanence. In sum, he suggested to not worry about negative feelings because they will pass. I was reminded also of a commentary on the Yoga Sutra which suggested not to worry with bothersome people as well because, haven't we all been bothersome at some time? And were we not a better person the next day? Mr. Luce went on also to recommend not getting attached to positive feelings either, because they, too, will pass. The advice is not to walk around like unfeeling zombies, but to recognize that we will be more at peace if we do not "live there" in that feeling, or, as he suggested not become that feeling. He pointed out that sometimes we will even say, "We are sad," rather than "We feel sad." Feelings and situations are not permanent. When we can embrace this, we can be more patient waiting for the negative feelings to pass through, and we can enjoy the positive times more fully, realizing that they are precious when we have them. We can also begin to be more tolerant of each other and our myriad of emotions, allowing others to be as they are in the moment, knowing that they deserve Divine Grace just as we ourselves have received it.

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