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Hips, Hips, Hooray!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

6/8/2019 The theme this week is a popular one: Hips, with a side of pelvis. This is an area of the body which is often requested to be worked. The hips/pelvis are an area where energy stagnates as we sit while working, watching TV, driving, etc. When this area is 'freed,' we can feel it. This week is a great opportunity to use the "yoga sigh." Sometimes when we are freeing up energy in the body that may have been there a while be it sadness, anxiety, name it...we can feel that energy release in our practice. A "yoga sigh" allows that energy to actually move out of and away from our body. Just breathe in, and let an audible sigh many times as we need, at any time in our practice as we need. As we work deeply into the hips, which are known for holding onto negative energy, we are 'cleaning out' that energy and leaving space to breathe. I tease and say "We are cleaning out the corners of the closets today!" Well, this week, we are going even deeper, using the grounding of the floor and wall to get even more deeply into the muscles. This week we are cleaning under the oven, the refrigerator, and even the dishwasher! In other words, we're getting deeply into those places that we don't often get to in our practice. As always, we make sure we drink plenty of water throughout the day to support our bodies as it cleans away any toxins we loosen up. We may feel a little agitated spiritually right after class due to the depth of the practice, but be prepared to hopefully feel a little lighter and more free as our center makes space to 'be!'

Here is an article from "Prevention" giving more information how the health of the hips affects the rest of the body, and some poses for opening the hips.

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