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Cosmic Gifts: Interdependence Days: Week One, The Cosmos

Intention: Connection with unconditional love and gifts.

We do not need to travel far to find a warm, energetic, and light-filled energy called the sun. Sun is given to us by something bigger than ourselves. I choose to call that "something bigger" God. We did not create the sun, and the sun expects nothing from us in return. We receive the sun unconditionally every day, even when we cannot see it. Just stop for a moment, close your eyes, and reflect on the unconditional gifts we receive from the sun. Go beyond light and energy. What are you wearing? What are you eating? What role did the sun play in the air you breathe? Connect with the gifts from God we receive from our solar provider with no strings attached.

What exists to balance the warm, glowing energy from the sun? The moon. The moon embodies the reflection of light from the sun. The moon's gifts are less obvious, but can we connect with this cooler energy? The moon affects the tides of the ocean which keep the ocean churned and from becoming stagnant and dying. Can we relate the moon to our yoga practice, always keeping us awake, responsive, and non-dormant? The moon's gravitational pull on the earth also keeps the earth's tilt at a minimum, so that the pendulum of the seasons is tolerable, and even life-producing. I suggest a meditation on the gifts of the moon and its cooler and stabilizing energy.

God provides these cosmic gifts without work required, any contract, nor any complications. Accept the invitation to openly receive these loving, light-offering, unconditional gifts. Know that they are a part of you. Know that you, too, are a reflector of light.

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