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Heating and Healing from the Inside Out

Week of 1/19/2020-1/26/2020. Intention: Root Chakra/Core. Winter has finally decided to stay with us a few days here in the Southeast with temperatures hovering in the 40's during the day, and being below freezing at night. When coldness occurs, we can focus on our warm center and root chakra to generate heat. Of course, there are many forms of yoga practice to tone up our physical core, and our habitual postures during the day can have a cumulative effect on our body's ability to digest food and regulate hormones effectively. But there are other benefits to stoking our internal fires and keep them burning. If we step away from our physicality momentarily, and reflect more on our emotionality and mentality, we can also use our foundational conscience to create warmth in other ways. When we begin to let yoga transform our own souls to turn a more loving gaze inward toward ourselves, we can then let that positive energy dissolve a harsh look toward others. Non-judgment begets non-judgment. Acceptance leads to acceptance. In the same way, a warm and welcoming center can generate warmth through the mouth in kind words, the freedom of forgiveness in our hearts, healing intentions through our hands, and confident surrender in the path of our feet in our Divine Destiny. Our frequent returning to thoughtful meditations and centering physical practice can "keep our home fires burning," so to speak. So, stay warm, friends, and no matter what the season, radiate healing from the inside out.

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