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Finding the Joy

Week of 9/8/2019 Intention this week: Santosha: Joy in Doing. The past few weeks we have delved deeply into the body-the pelvis, the hips, finding balance, and deep twists. As mentioned before, and as our wise teachers advise, we strive to let go of the fruits of our actions as we practice, and aim to be in the moment, practicing for the pure joy of movement, or possibly getting into movement as meditation. We all are called by our inner voices to come to class for different reasons, and our yoga practice makes room for us to listen. However, inevitably, disciplined practice will lead, intentional or not, to a lighter sense of being, a more fluid movement of breath and body, a more calm and centered spirit. We work on being content from the inside out, so that sources outside of ourselves have less and less power to give or take away these gifts. This week we are celebrating the joy that comes with practice, and making somewhat of a dance, a vinyasa flow, out of our deep poses of the previous few weeks. Whether you have attended regularly, sporadically, or this is your first week in class, a vinyasa flow is a celebration of movement and breath, and is an ideal practice model for a mixed class due to poses being repeated and built upon as we go along. This week, let our focus be on the lightness of being, the increased awareness of our consciousness, finding contentment, awakening spirituality and deepening our relationship with God, and the pure joy of being.

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