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Breathing Together

Week of 11/17/2019 Intention: Unity. Two beautiful experiences today melted together into one, and I had an experience which some call a "thin place," or a time and/or place when one feels that the distance between heaven and earth is very "thin." At our religious service today, we prayed for countries all over the world, and placed candles of light on a world map to signify a place for which we were praying. This experience was on my mind later in the day at the end of a warm flow yoga class. We were all glowing and warm at the end of class, slowing down and being led toward savasana as we lay supine on our mats. Then the teacher had us all breathe together as she counted, "In...4...3...2...1...Pause...4...3...2...1...Out...4...3...2...1...Pause...4...3...2...1..." over and over. There was a rhythm, and then the sound of the class exhaling in unison transformed into a vision of the world breathing in unison. Every country, every person, one breath. All boundaries, physical and societal, fell away. For just a few moments, I was in that "thin place" joined with all of our brothers and sisters just breathing. For a few moments, peace. For a few moments, unity. May we honor each other at the deepest level, beginning with that which brings life to all of us, honoring the beautiful breath.

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