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Beginner's Mind


This week’s theme: Beginner’s mind. Sometimes the weight of our responsibilities can leave us feeling “used up” and malnourished physically, emotionally,mentally and/or spiritually. Today’s social media and ad campaigning may convince us that we need extravagant vacations, luxurious spas, or perfect skin, hair or bodies in order to replenish balance or happiness in our lives. Let’s approach times we feel depleted with “beginner’s minds.” Let’s go back to the basics of what really nourishes us. Are we eating food which nutritionally sustains us? Are we staying hydrated with simple water? Are we resting enough? Are we allowing ourselves some quiet time to reflect and process what can be very complicated thoughts or feelings? Are we quiet enough to hear our Spirit’s guidance? Giving ourselves the basics is the best and most efficient self-love we can give. This week, let’s rediscover the joys of simplicity.

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