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Week of 3/1-3/7/2020. Intention: Awakening, Niyama: Ishvara Pranidhana (devotion to a Higher Power.) The plants feel it, the animals feel it, and we as animals feel it whether we are consciously aware or not. As the spring season approaches, subtle changes begin to take place, especially here in the Southern US. The tilt of the sun, a warmer breeze, new flowers and plants beginning to push through the earth...all indicators that the spring season is soon upon us. Before a plant begins its travel upward to meet the sun, roots begin to take hold so that the winds and rains above the surface will not carry the plant away. Growth begins to loosen the dirt around the plant to ensure there is enough space to expand and move toward the heavens. Our growth may not look as inspiring. Whether it is a physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional breakthrough to which our Divine has led us, it may feel awkward, messy, unfamiliar or uncomfortable. It is during these times that devotion to our yoga practice, and our Divine Creator, allows us to let go of the familiar and step forward in faith. Not sure? Breathe. Find center. Surrender to a power greater than ourselves. Practice being open. Practice finding balance. Meditate on being led. Storms may come and go, but the rooting we gain in our practice will allow us to bend without breaking. Nourish our souls through the breath, providing sustenance through both flood and drought in whatever form our trials take. Grow in confidence. Grow in faith. Awaken to a new dawn, a new season.

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