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About Us


Balance Your Life Yoga, LLC was created with the desire to bring the balance of healthy mind, body and spirit to those people whose schedules made it difficult or impossible to travel to a yoga studio in the area. New practitioners and experienced alike will be able to reap the benefits of adding yoga practice to busy calendars by having the yoga practice come to them at their worksite, church, workshop, training, retreat or any group that desires to add the gifts of yoga to their gathering.


After battling an illness which caused chronic pain and ended my running practice, I sought out an exercise that I could do which didn’t jolt the body and could be modified for the amount of pain I was having each day. Yoga was certainly the answer. Whereas I had found a physical practice that worked, there were so many additional gifts that came with the practice of yoga for me, including self-confidence, mood stabilization, increased awareness of multiple solutions to a problem, more comfort in my body, and increased stamina and mental clarity. After a family tragedy in 2012, and then a car accident in November 2017, I have witnessed firsthand how yoga and meditation can heal the body, mind, and spirit. A desire to reach out to others and offer these gifts as a way of balancing out the negatives of life became my passion.


Retiring from special education after 30 years, with 7 of those years being more in a leadership/mentor role, I have experienced both being on my feet all day, and also sitting at a desk and being in meetings all day. I have the unique perspective of understanding the taxation on the mind and body of both professional situations. My years of experience as a teacher has led me to be able to modify instruction in yoga class so that everyone feels successful, and feels comfortable modifying for their own needs in each class. My specialty classes are the mixed level classes which allow for some participants to feel comfortable breaking a sweat and getting a good workout in, and other participants feeling comfortable to take needed time to restore and reset the body...all in the same class!


My experience in yoga instruction has been initially teaching at Art in Motion Yoga studio in Granite Falls, then teaching various yoga classes at the Hickory Foundation YMCA in Hickory, North Carolina for the last 12 years. Currently, I have a mixed level yoga class, and a beginner’s class there. I have 40 hours of yoga training with Yoga Fit (Levels 1 and 2), 10 hours with Yoga with an Edge (anatomy,) and will have another 200 hours of training completed by the end of fall 2019. If you are interested in booking a class, workshop or retreat, please feel free to come visit me for one of my classes at the YMCA. I would be more than happy to sign you in as a guest so that you could join us for class! Please contact me at least a week prior and we will iron out the details.


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