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5/30/2020  St. Alban's Vestry is meeting next week to establish guidelines for outdoor group meetings, including under the shelter.  

UPDATE: 5/31 11am. The yoga classes moving forward will ask that each participant bring their own EVERYTHING. I was hoping to be able to sanitize mats, blocks, straps, knee pads, etc., but haven't been able to find the materials needed for sanitation at a reasonable price. I can give links to products if you are interested. Just message me on FB or email.


Balance Your Life Yoga, LLC brings yoga classes to you!  If you are looking for a brick and mortar building for our business on Google maps, you will probably end up somewhere in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  The great thing is, you can take my yoga classes at your place of employment, at a retreat, or a workshop! Feel free to browse the website and learn more about services, history, pricing and even a calendar for finding a few dates which are convenient for bringing yoga to you.  Dates/locations for community yoga at $5 a class are also listed on the calendar if you are visiting the area.  If you still have questions, we welcome you to contact us!  We are also on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for visiting our web page.   Hope to see you soon.  We'll leave the mat rolled out for ya!

Cynthia Haas

Founder/Owner of Balance Your Life Yoga

"Start where you are."

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