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Better Brain Yoga

Better Brain Yoga classes were born in response to the experiences of myself (Cynthia, owner) and other people who share invisible illnesses such as traumatic brain injury, concussions, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, migraines, and Parkinson's, just to name a few.

After trying to manage persistent concussive disorder symptoms following a life-changing car accident, I found it nearly impossible to find a place for exercise without fluorescent lights, blaring music, or impossibly fast movements. I felt worse after a workout than better, and it would take me several days to recover from the sensory overload.

So I took a Love Your Brain yoga course, and received excellent training on how to conduct a modified yoga class for those with brain injury.  These classes are *not* Love Your Brain classes,  but are built on their extensive research and experience with creating an environment which is more tolerable, and movements which take sensory issues into consideration.

The classes are a six week series with the following topics:

  • Understanding Neuroplasticity to Balance Effort and Ease

  • Meditation for Real Life: Finding Stillness in Movement

  • Being Our Own Best Friend: Acceptance and Listening

  • Calming the Tiger: Techniques for Emotional Fallout

  • The Power of Gratitude and Forgiveness for the Brain

  • Empowerment: Yoga for Uncovering Our Best Selves

My hope with this class is that participants find techniques which work on and off the mat to help the brain to operate more effectively, and that participants find a practice which heals them from the inside out.

To sign up for the 6 week series of classes, click here for a registration form.  You can then call the number on the form to have your name added to the class list.  The folks at Fitness Plus Catawba Valley Medical Center will help you get set up.   If there are spaces left, don't worry about joining in the middle.  Class rates will be prorated.

Come join us, and be with people who can relate to having an invisible illness to join in a practice made especially for you!

Better Brain Yoga Classes are hybrid chair/standing yoga classes in a six week series (you can join in the middle!) which are modified for those with light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, information processing challenges and/or sensitivity to fast movement.   These classes are also appropriate for those wanting to know more about the mind-body connection, and who might be seeking a more low key yoga practice.
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